BOY is a powerful message of hedonism, a rebel yell, a crusading anarchic flag of true rebellion - a radical, fearless and apolitical attitude to life. BOY is not about gender but the freedom to be anything. Society changes, music changes, fashion changes, ideas change, people change, emotions change - but BOY is constant.

Born in 1976 on London's Kings Road, BOY was part of the birth of Punk. Billy idol worked in the store, Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten would hang out, Bob Geldof, The Stones - customers would take a deep breath as they walked into BOY, never knowing who or what they might encounter. BOY became a cult name that swept around the world drawing crowds that caused chaos on the street outside so big that the doormen had to hold them back. 

From Punk to New Romantic, Blitz, Goth New Wave and Acid house - BOY has been a social barometer over five decades, with a legacy in fashion history as a visual account of counter-cultural style through time. From the Kings Road to Covent Garden and Soho, BOY has been a hub for the avant-garde and the artistic rebels. The world keeps spinning, but BOY lives on

The strength of the country lies in its youth.