The punk-inspired Boy London label was co-founded by Israel-based businessman John 

Krivine and Stephane Raynor at the Kings Road store in 1976. The BOY Eagle logo was also  created around this time by globally renowned artist, musician and designer Peter  Christopherson (Designer of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon cover).

The Boy London eagle logo aims to unify and empower often marginalized cultural and  social groups rather than to oppress them.

Since the day the brand was formed in 1976, BOY has supported minority movements. BOY  was the first major clothing label to openly support the LGBT movements of the 1980’s and  further exemplified this by being a donor to Elton John’s Aid’s Foundation throughout the  1990’s. BOY today is a proud donor to the Centre Point charity which deals with the shelter and rebuilding of the futures of young vulnerable homeless people throughout the United  Kingdom; as well as The Jewish Blind and Disabled Charity who’s mission and philosophy is  that every individual is entitled to a life of dignity, independence and choice.

Over BOY’s long history, the brand has built up a huge multicultural following. It has a  massive fan base in the Hip Hop community (Rihanna, Jay Z, Nicki Minaj, Wiz Khalifa) as well as a huge Gay following (Elton John, Pet Shop Boys, Boy George).

Boy London is in no way connected to Nazism or the idea of anyone being discriminated against for their creed, color or religious beliefs. The brand was formed on the basis to support the oppressed and vulnerable peoples within our societies and has been doing so ever since.