A nutshell history of an iconic trademark

Rooted deep in music, thrift and subculture, BOY London has been the brand of the youth and the social underground for over four decades. It has been hotly pursued by music stars around the globe and zealously guarded by savvy collectors since even before the opening of the first boutique at 153 Kings Road in 1976. Madonna, Boy George, Warhol, Rhianna and Beyoncé have all worn BOY and have contributed to that revolutionary trademark attitude throughout recent generations.

BOY London an iconic trademark

Stephane Raynor, an avid collector of vintage and records, and Israeli Businessman, John Krivine founded the first Chelsea boutique while DJ and film director Don Letts ran the joint which functioned more like an art gallery cum fashion runway cum dub and punk club. An evolution from their legendary ‘Acme Attractions’, BOY was a direct response to the intertwined British punk and dub reggae scene of the time and the way music was integral to an upcoming anarchist fashion trend. It was the place to be seen, somewhere you went to get together, to share music, start a movement and/or find that statement original garb that could sum you up in a nutshell. It was where the music, art and fashion of the underground were one in the same - a glorious three-headed subculture Chimaera. BOY was a sensation and everyone, everywhere wanted a piece of the action but before long, high demand began to spiral out of control and in 1985, a victim of its own success, the store in Kings Road shut its doors.

The iconic trademark has since dipped within and out of reach, flickering it’s way in and out of vintage shops, seasoned punk closets and internet auctions until in 2012 it was reincarnated as the online store we all know and love today.

BOY has represented and accompanied each generation in it’s own way, being both shaped by and influential to the youth in revolt. It’s loud, unapologetic and in your face; its graphics and prints a reflection of its equally intense and controversial origins. BOY wears its heart on its sleeve and its acid smiley on its chest and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. A timeless and immortal brand that just keeps on giving and keeps you coming back for more.