Day to Evening Wear: 3 Stylish Looks

As we slowly but surely return to normal life again, plans to socialise are also increasing. Gone are the weeks when we could stay in our cosy pyjamas all day long and call it appropriate work attire too. One day, we’ll reach a point where society agrees that wearing pyjamas to the office is acceptable, but until we reach that point - here are some stylish day to evening wear looks to help. 

Evening Wear: 3 Stylish Looks

Day to Evening Wear - No Pressure!  

Before we get into these tips, we want to remind you of one thing: it’s okay to not nail the day to evening wear looks each time. People will understand you might be rushing from work or you had other things to do prior, not everyone has the luxury of getting home to change in between commitments - so don’t put pressure on yourself! 

Make The Most Out Of Smart-Casual:

If you happen to be a corporate worker, then a more formal look might be appreciated in the office. And what’s more professional looking than a blazer? Oftentimes you can achieve a great casual yet smart look with a blazer and trouser set and a nice t-shirt. Not only is this very comfortable, but if you need to make this an evening wear look - simply removing the blazer is the perfect way to do so!

Our top recommendation for a great t-shirt for day and evening wear:


Leather Is The Way To Go

Leather is such a versatile material - it makes great skirts, great jackets, and great trousers. A leather statement piece is a good investment for all seasons, not to mention very stylish. And the best part is? It’s easy to incorporate leather into a day to evening wear look too! Try an A-line leather skirt paired with a sheer blouse, or even a knitted jumper. Now you’re ready for whatever the day throws at you.

So there you go, there are our three stylish looks to try for day to evening wear. Have fun with it, don’t be a stranger to layering and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to nail each look. To get some inspiration for yours, check out our timeless collection of unisex pieces.