How to style oversized t-shirts for women

Styling oversized t-shirts is an art that women across the world continue to master – and for good reason too; oversized t-shirts are the key to unlocking some incredible, versatile looks. They can be adapted for a fresh take on a classic look or for an adventurous street outfit. 

So, if you’re curious about what you can do with simple oversized t-shirts for women, keep on reading for our must-know styling tips.

How to style oversized t-shirts for women

A Note to Remember: 

Oversized means baggy, which means that your t-shirt should fit very loosely and comfortably, as well as sit below your waistline. As a rule of thumb when buying your staple oversized t-shirt, try to find something that fits as though it is one to two sizes bigger than your usual size.

A Chic Look:

As mentioned, oversized t-shirts are wonderfully versatile, working particularly well when trying to create a casual work outfit. On those days you’re not in the mood for a formal dress-up, try pairing an oversized t-shirt with some smart flared trousers. The key to moulding the perfect outfit is to ensure you don’t tuck your entire t-shirt into your trousers. Instead, opt for a trendy French tuck. To do this, simply focus on tucking only the front half of your oversized t-shirt, leaving the back half.

 This is also a brilliant tip to remember when it comes to styling more casual non-work outfits, whether it’s brunch with the girls or a deserved shopping trip, you can French tuck your oversized t-shirt into jeans or a midi skirt. Don’t forget to be mindful of what type of shoes you’re wearing too. Taking a casual oversized t-shirt and jean outfit and elevating it can be simple when you add the right pair of boots or heels.  

Embrace Smart Casual:

 If you lean towards a more stated and formal look but still don’t want to overdo it, don’t underestimate the power of white oversized t-shirts for women.

They pair beautifully with any type of blazer and jeans. We would especially recommend a double-breasted navy blazer, white t-shirt and straight-legged jean combination – this is a look that remains timeless and works beautifully as we enter the cooler months.

Don’t be afraid to play around with the types of blazers you reach for when creating this look – a collarless blazer is a bold statement that gives way for you to embellish the finished outfit with some statement jewellery too. Make use of different textures too; oversized t-shirts for women can also pair very well with a leather blazer, giving you a 90s retro glam vibe.

Our Oversized T-shirts for Women Recommendation:

So now that we’ve discussed some fantastic ways to style your oversized t-shirts for women, it’s time to find some to play around with. 

Our top recommendation is the BOY MYRIAD EAGLE TEE - WHITE. It offers a great pop of texture and boldness. Remember, oversized t-shirts work well in many outfit scenarios, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

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