How To Dress Down A Dress

Whether it’s a night out with the girls, a workplace social, or a sneaky suspicion you’re going to be proposed to, a dress is the item of clothing you might want to reach for. We are fans of dresses, but we understand the struggle of not wanting to look like you’re fresh off a runway. Sometimes, it’s nice to keep it lowkey, we feel ya. 

So, what are some ways you can dress down a dress? Keep on reading for some of our favourite tips on how to do this!   

How To Dress Down A Dress

1. Ditch The Heels

Yes, heels are sexy. Not to mention, they tend to be the go-to when you’re wearing a dress and you want to be occasion-ready. But after a couple of hours, they’re about as comfortable as lying on a bed of nails. 

But if you want to tone it down and make it more casual, or just have a quick escape from an unfortunate first Tinder date, then sneakers are the way to go. Not only are they 1000% more comfortable, but they can also help you achieve that dressed-down look without too much effort. You can’t go wrong with a white pair of classic sneakers! 

2. There’s Layers To This 

We’ve all been there - skipping a jacket or cardigan on a night out because you don’t want to hide how beautiful your dress is. But then suddenly it's 3 am, you leave the club shivering and you’re regretting all your life choices as you get roped into a cheeky pitstop for some McDonalds before heading home. 

Sounds familiar? Well don’t despair. 

Another way to dress down a dress is by layering a jacket of some sort. If you’ve got a very sexy, feminine dress lined up, why not try a leather jacket to spice things up a little? Or if you’re heading out to brunch with the girls and have a cute floral number on, pair a denim jacket with it! Jackets and cardigans don’t need to be a nuisance, they can most definitely be a cool part of the final look.

Have a strappy dress? Layer it with a simple white t-shirt and suddenly you’ve got a 2-in-1 outfit that’s work appropriate and can still be stripped back to be ready for dinner with bae right after. The power of layering should never be underestimated!

3. Bag A Casual Bag

You’ve probably got a clutch or mini bag you can visualise going really well with the dress you want to wear. We want you to step away from the closet for a second and resist the urge to default to the tiny bag you’re thinking about…

Instead, think big - do you own any tote bags? Or perhaps a cute leather backpack? Something bigger can feel a little more casual and therefore help you achieve that dressed-down look. Besides, what good are tiny clutches nowadays with how humongous phones are getting? We’re about to re-enter the Nokia brick phone era, so carrying a bag with a little more space is a smart move. 

So there you have it! Those are some of our top tips for dressing down a dress. If you’re on the lookout for some sleek t-shirts for layering or some sneaker ideas, check out our range for some inspiration.