Trendy Casual Outfit Ideas For A Timeless Look

There is definitely merit in buying pieces that are safe in terms of style, but timeless doesn’t need to mean boring and plain. Sometimes when you want to venture out and try more trendy, casual outfit styles, the concern that arises is whether trendy can also mean being timeless. The answer is yes, and if you want to know more about this, keep reading. 

Trendy Casual Outfit Ideas

Invest In The Basics:

As for many, having good quality basics is a fundamental rule of fashion. From a classic t-shirt, to a sweatshirt to a jacket - having a good ‘go-to’ for each basic makes styling timeless outfits so much easier. When you consider investing in staple pieces, there are some things you should try to keep in mind. Try to find good-quality clothing. Yes, it might be pricey but it pays you back over time in usage. More often than not, good-quality clothing will be cut into more flattering shapes. This is essential for those outfits that you want to look tailored to your body shape.

 We would suggest going for blacks, whites and neutral tones when it comes to the basics like shirts and vests. Once you’ve gotten these staples, you can work around them to add pops of colour through the rest of your outfit to add a trendy element. For example, some jade green wide-leg trousers will pair beautifully with a tucked-in white t-shirt and achieve a vibrant trendy look, without veering away from being timeless. Not to mention, they still feel casual enough to wear anywhere.

 Don’t Try Too Much At Once:

When a new season comes, so do several new trends. Whilst this can inspire new outfit ideas, sometimes it can be overwhelming. The last thing to risk doing is to try and tap into too many trends at one time. Once you do that, you risk overcomplicating your outfit and making it look too busy. With that being said, we would suggest focusing on one specific trend you really enjoy and seeing how it can apply to classic pieces. For example, if there is a colour that’s hot this Autumn…Could you find classic trousers or accessories in those colours? Making subtle nods to trends through your timeless pieces, you can successfully create amazing outfits you'll want to wear again and again. Remember not to neglect your shoes and accessories, they are equally important to creating trendy casual outfits that still provide a sense of timelessness. 

 Trend Casual Outfits Recommendations:

 To help you feel inspired, we’ve got recommendations that you can look to incorporate into your trendy casual outfits:



 These statement pieces are great timeless additions to any wardrobe because of the classic colours -  both of which can be incorporated very easily into most outfits. If you’d like to have a browse for even more pieces that can help you achieve the trendy casual outfits that radiate timelessness, check out the BOY site today.