Essential pieces for a bold fashion style

You’ve got to love the staples. Those timeless pieces whose place in our wardrobe will never be questioned. These are the pieces that carry us through our “don’t know what to wear days”. And for them, we’ll always be grateful. But if you’re looking for pieces that will show off your bold fashion style, you’ve got to combine the staples with those that have the wow factor. The clothes that turn heads and start conversations. 

 bold fashion style

How to pull off a bold fashion style

It’s important to not be afraid to take risks with fashion. The bolder you can go while still sticking to the basic fashion rules, the better. Carrying off a bold fashion style is all about making interesting choices while having the confidence to justify your decisions. You can have a striking outfit that ticks all the boxes, but if you seem unsure about it, it will never work.

Here are some essential Boy London pieces for a bold fashion style. 


This reversible, oversized jacket with our classic BOY Eagle logo printed across the back is a prime example of a stand-out piece. It draws the eye even in a crowd. It’s stylish, it's warm and it's on trend. Combine this piece with a toned-down pair of joggers to let it shine and feel those gazes with every step you take. 


Not one for those who want to blend in - this knuckle duster makes a huge statement. Part of our Hop the Boy collaboration by Shane Gonzales, it’s made to last, crafted with 100% stainless steel ensuring long wear. It’s the finishing touch to any bold fit. 


A classic piece with multi-colour embroidery details, this hoodie catches the eye with its array of colours and our iconic logo. Keep warm and turn heads this season in this hoodie, whether that’s meeting friends, at work or running errands. This hoodie is anything but ordinary.


These alternative-looking joggers feature a bleached faded effect made to make an impact. Relaxed and straight leg, their cut is bang on trend. Comfortable and stylish, these joggers have a matching hoodie which can add even more boldness to your look.

Have a look at the rest of our collection to help curate your bold fashion style.