BOY Guide: 3 Tips How to Style Streetwear

Streetwear is not for the weak - it takes confidence and commitment to pull off. So if you’re one of the people who has made streetwear their style, we commend you! But like any fashionista, you may be thinking: how can I elevate my streetwear look to the next level? Keep reading to learn our top 3 tips on how to style streetwear!

3 Tips How to Style Streetwear

1. Less Is More

Remember when we said that commitment is key to streetwear? Unlike other fashion styles where layering clothes from different brands can work well, streetwear is a little different. Logos tend to be a very distinctive part of streetwear, so when you start mixing and matching, it can cause clashes rather than harmony. Try to stick to one logo and work around that.

Our top recommendation for bold streetwear: BOY 1976 TEE - BLACK

2. Don’t Neglect Accessories

Okay here’s an analogy for you: when wrapping a present, you need wrapping paper, right? But what’s the small but key component that brings the finished gift together? Tape. And that’s exactly what accessories are for streetwear looks - a small but mighty piece that ties an outfit together. So don’t overlook the hats or bags when you’re putting together an outfit, think about whether the accessory is a piece that helps colour coordinate or is subtle enough that it doesn’t detract from the rest of your look.

Our top recommendation for accessories: BOY EAGLE RUCKSACK - BLACK

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

Not every clothing article you put on has to fit you in the same way. Streetwear is famously known for being a style that invites loose-fitting garments. We’re not saying to go for clothing that’s fives time your usual time, but don’t be afraid to add something something loose fitting to your ensemble. Remember, you don’t need to overdo it - you don’t want to look like you got some hand-me-downs from an older sibling! It’s about styling loose items intentionally, for example a loose top with fitted bottoms, or vice versa!

Our top recommendation for a loose fit: EAGLE DUST HOOD - BLACK

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