BOY London’s Top 7 Fashion Hacks for Men

Menfolk! It’s officially time to step your game up! Ready or not. Turn up like Michael B Jordan or bend it like Beckham, it’s your turn to show up, show out and shine bright. Keeping a side-eye on the best-dressed list, year after year? Keep your eyes on the prize with our drop everything, top 7 fashion hacks for men.

Lazy? We got you.

Lacking inspo? Your BOY has you hooked up!

BOY London’s Top 7 Fashion Hacks for Men

Change Laces

Bored with the same old tired trainers? Jumpstart those old beaters with new laces. A fresh pair of laces will upgrade your sneakers and put the spring back in their flex.

Wake up a ho hum pair of trainers with a crisp white pair or curate an entire wardrobe of laces in all colours. Extend the interest and lifespan of those old faithfuls!

Catalogue Your Best Labels

Tired of the endless round of trying on? Wondering how to replicate that perfect jean fit time after time? Tired of stuffing those oh so nearly items to the back of the closet? Wardrobe groaning under the weight of all that waste?

Sizing and fit can vary so much from brand to brand, so take pictures of the labels in all your favourite threads or collect brand screenshots. Save yourself the hassle of another tedious trek. Your go-to styles, fittings, and sizes will always be with you when you shop.
Go-to Hoodie
BOY London
You get the picture!

Lengthen Your Body

Not looking as long and lean as your profile pics? Elongate your body by wearing vertical stripes, darker colours or keeping the line of colour running through each outfit from top to bottom. Black tee, black joggers, black shoes, and black socks, all topped off with a snazzy jacket. Crush that catfishing!

Cute as they are, a glimpse of yellow novelty socks under your black trousers will interrupt the line of your outfit and make you look shorter. Save those bad boys for Christmas with Grandma.

Lose The Socks Altogether

Wondering why your smart suit isn’t giving you Italian Job vibes? Try losing the socks! Wear no-show socks to keep it real in the foot department but leave those ankles showing with a smart, sleek tapered leg and a classy pair of brogues. Classic. Continental. Style. Turnt!

Clear the Clutter

Face the tyranny of the overflowing closet with the king of all clothes hacks. If you haven’t worn it for a year, pass it on. The charity shops will love you and you’ll be donating to a good cause.

Once your wardrobe is full of items that spark joy, styling your top 5 turn-up outfits will be easy breezy, and you’ll have plenty of space for those hand-picked new arrivals!

No more clap-back from your closet. No more stuffed shirts. Your wardrobe can finally exhale.

Shirts Hacks for Guys

Tired of dress shirts that keep riding up? Wear shirt garters and stop the cycle of endless tuck-in once and for all. Are they cute? NO! Do they work? Yes! Is that meeting important? Probably.

Need that shirt ironed 5 minutes ago!?!

Lazy guy?

Throw that scrunched-up let-down into the dryer on the hottest setting with a couple of ice cubes and let the steam build the dream.

Keep a Hit List

Finally, keep the following items on hand and you’ll always be a hit:

One winning go-to suit that never ever fails
One tasteful, retro statement tie
Three indispensable throw-on-and-go athleisurewear outfits
One lint roll
One irresistible cologne

You are now officially turned up!