Planning Your Outfits for Travel

Stylish city peeps, it’s ya BOY, back with some tips to keep you looking hot and feeling cool as you pack your things for a summer vacay. That’s right, it’s holiday time people!! Time to step up and check out the latest airport vibes. Men’s clothing stores are packed with summer holiday shoppers, looking for those bomb summer graphic tees. Women’s clothing stores are packed with the ladies’ summer shopping crew, filling up on shorts and crop tops.

Outfits for Travel - BOY London

Staycationing in Good Old Blighty?

Even if you’re planning to brave the lukewarm British “sunshine” and take your chances in one of the nation’s finest holiday spots, you’ll need to be equipped.
Sweatshirt one minute, T shirt and shorts in a nanosecond. Transforming like a superhero on the railway platform. Is it a bird is it a plane? Nope. It’s just wall-to-wall crispness wrapped up in a BOYLondon Jacket and topped off with a removable beanie, just in case. Welcome back to BOY London, the world’s favourite cool gear provider, for cold places, hot spots, Londoners and London-loving people everywhere.

Flying High with The BOY

If you’re jetting off to some tropical paradise, looking for some holiday togs with more swagger than jagger, more shi shi than Ri Ri, once again, your BOY has you.
Looking for a nice hoodie you can use as a cosy blanket when the plane’s aircon starts blowing like the north wind? We’ve got you covered. When it comes to summer style, we know it’s all about temperature. It’s about staying cool, crisp and stylish come what may. So don’t get hot under the collar! Even when temperatures hit the roof, you can keep your feet on the ground with our summer staples.

Self-care Streetwear

With streetwear and loungewear still going strong this year, you won’t have to worry about comfort when you take your window seat and settle in for the long haul. Stretch out in our zip-through joggers and a carefully chosen hoodie. Add to this winning combo a few handy self-care items tucked away in those secure zip-up pockets. Hood up, and we’re good to go. Earbuds, check, hood up? Check. Self-care items? Check.

Dress it Up or Dress it Down

Wondering what to pack for the vacay itself? Check out our wide selection of hoodies, tees, shorts and joggers in a range of colours and designs. Dress it up with a few items from our gold logo line. Ladies, dress up your BOY London tees with a statement necklace or earrings. Guys, dress them up with a cheeky grin and a BOY London baseball cap. Summer nights. Low maintenance. High fashion. It’s all good under the hood!