How to put together androgynous outfits that slay

If you’re in the business of looking for androgynous outfits to spice up your looks (new season new wardrobe, as the saying goes, right?) for summer, you’ve come to the right place. Get started giving this blog below a read!

How to put together androgynous outfits that slay
Hold up, what does androgynous mean?

You may have heard the term androgynous loosely thrown around by everyone and their mothers in the fashion industry, but what exactly does it mean? Let’s start with a quick Latin lesson. Androgynous originates from the Latin word ‘androgyne’ which is used to describe a mix of male and female traits. Derived from this, androgynous fashion is basically mixed-gender clothing.

So how does this style achieve a mixed-gender vibe? We’re so glad you asked. By being neither ‘too feminine’ nor ‘too masculine’. Still following? The way to spot androgynous clothing is to think whether a piece is something that could be worn by your 73-year-old grandpa as well as your delightfully moody 15-year-old niece. Basically, in the year 2022, androgynous fashion is leading the way by being inclusive and neutral so that everyone and anyone feels comfortable.

Think this is up your street? Check out our tips below for inspo for bomb androgynous outfits that slay.

Embrace Being Loose

One thing that androgynous fashion will never be? Tight. We mean lung-crushing, curve-hugging tight. Instead, opt for the complete opposite - something loose, like oversized tops and jackets. This is a great way to hide emphasis on your figure and give you a neutral look. The same can be said for certain jean styles, the looser the better!

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50 Shades Of Grey (And Other Neutral Tones)

When it comes to androgynous fashion, colour palettes are everything. On Wednesdays we wear neutral tones. And on Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays…

So when planning your androgynous outfit, try to keep black, white and greys in mind. That’s not to say you can’t add a splash of colour - we’re just being androgynous fashion purists here.

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Don’t Sleep On Accessories!

What’s something that’s always gender-neutral? Accessories of course! Beanies, caps, hats, scarves, sunglasses - they’re for everyone! So to add the cherry to the cake, find a statement accessory piece that will help bring your outfit together. Don't shy away from bags either, there are several pieces out there that are made to be worn by all genders.

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Okay, now that you’re completed your official masterclass in understanding the basics of androgynous fashion - it’s time to be set free and browse our site to piece together your ultimate outfits. Make sure to tag us in your slay fits on Instagram!