Winning Ways to Style Unisex Hoodies

If you’re looking for cool ways to style your go-to streetwear, you’ve come to the right place. As you know, we’re always offering inspo on how to wear our key pieces. We love pairing up our hottest BOY London style combos on our collection pages. Today, we take a deeper dive to bring you a few winning ways to style unisex hoodies. Enjoy!

Winning Ways to Style Unisex Hoodie

What Size Unisex Hoodie Should I get?

In most cases, you can buy your usual size. If the item you’re buying is described as oversized, there’s no need to size upwards. Just buy your usual size. The sizing up has already been done for you.

The Hoodie and Jacket Trend

Oversizing is a trend that’s always in style with athleisurewear, but some hoodies are just too oversized to accommodate the ever-popular hoodie and jacket combo. If you’re planning to rock this trend, size down in the hoodie department to make sure your jacket fits nicely over your hoodie.

If you like to move your arms freely and enjoy the simple pleasure of having them rest comfortably at your sides, you’ll want to take this tip on board. Unless you’re the incredible hulk. In which case, you are excused. You’ll probably be used to a little clothing discomfort by now!

Non-hulk peeps, get this stuff figured out before you start turning green and wake up in a layby wearing nothing but ripped jeans and confusion. No one wants that to happen.

Sizing your hoodie down slightly will give you full mobility and allow the jacket of choice to settle nicely over those regular human-sized arms.

Wear Hoodies with Everything!

Hoodies are extremely versatile. They’re so versatile it’s almost ridiculous. You can wear a hoodie with almost anything (perhaps with the exception of a cocktail dress, tuxedo, or excessively smart tailored suit trousers and smart shoes). Please don’t do that.

If there’s an outfit you love that includes either a jacket, cardigan, or jumper, in almost every case, replacing these items with a hoodie will add a cooler, cosier and more on-trend street vibe.

Try wearing a hoodie over a decent pair of slim-fit jeans for a smart/casual day-to-evening look. Try them with baggier boyfriend jeans for a totally relaxed work-from-home vibe. Hoodies will even look great with bootcut or flared jeans, giving you a low-key modern boho vibe. (Think, Shaggy from Scoobie Doo. - Dude would have totally nailed this vibe!)

And of course, hoodies will look great with the items they were originally made to accompany. A hoodie and jogging bottoms is still unquestionably the crème of athleisurewear pairings. Wear your black or navy hoodie with a sleek pair of matching fitted joggers for a smart, high-end look that maxes out on comfort as well as style!

Hoodies and Skirts

Hoodies with almost any skirt length will look great. They’ll dress down a maxi dress or make a cute mini seem more wearable. They’ll give a vintage pencil skirt a nice edgy vibe.

However you choose to wear these evergreen style must-haves, wear them with passion and intention. Nothing should be wasted. Every item is an opportunity to make an iconic statement. So be bold and choose a hoodie that says something about you that goes far beyond the decision to wear a hoodie that day. Make it work.

And then work it!

And then some more!

It’s not just a hoodie, it’s yet another wearable #bestlife opportunity.

Try our range of designer logo hoodies and banish those got-nothing-to-wear days once and for all. Make some noise every day with an entire wardrobe of key urban statement pieces! #winning!

Make some noooooooise!